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Raman Amplifier

Raman Amplifier

                                                                                                             Features:  Raman.pdfsecond order Raman amplifier.pdf

                                                                                                             Wide working wavelength range

                                                                                                             High power

                                                                                                             Excellent gain flatness

                                                                                                             Low noise figure

                                                                                                             Pump power and input signal monitoring

                                                                                                             Automatic Pump control

                                                                                                             Module with heat dissipation optimization

                                                                                                             Key Parameters:

                                                                                                             C, L , or C+L Band

                                                                                                             Power: >1W

                                                                                                             Gain range: 10~20dB

                                                                                                             Gain flatness: <1.5dB


                                                                                                             Module size:220*130*25mm

                                                                                                             Rack: 2U 19" with AC or DC power supply

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