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Linux embedded development

  • Block93-C,Science&Tech Industry Park,Xinwu Distric
  • 3
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • More than 3 years

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Understand the process of embedded software development and basic research and development capabilities;

3. Familiar with ARM7, cortex-m0,M3 as the core MCU, and have experience in project development on this MCU;

4. Proficient in the development of hardware drivers such as SPI, IIC, UART and Ethernet;

5. Familiar with the basic principles of TCP/IP, and can carry out the transplantation and development of various protocol stacks such as LWIP;

6. Familiar with various application layer network protocols, and can develop application layer based on the protocol stack, such as SNMP,FTP,TFTP, HTTP, etc.;

7. Understand the basic principles of RTOS, have the ability to develop applications in RTOS, and be familiar with Linux and uCOS;

8. Solid programming skills and good programming style;

9. Able to understand the schematic diagram of hardware and complete the hardware driven development according to the hardware design;

10. Independent research and development ability, good communication skills and positive team spirit;

TEL:0510-85204617 E_mail:hr@taclink.com

Sr.Optical module Hardware Engineer

  • Block93-C,Science&Tech Industry Park,Xinwu Distric
  • 4
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • More than 3 years
  1. Responsible for optical transceiver module project pre - research, conceptual design, detailed design, testing and other stages of the work;

  2. Responsible for the completeness and correctness of the output documents at all stages of the project;

  3. Provide technical support for market work;

1. More than 3 years experience in optical transceiver module development ( preferred employment in 40G/ 100G EPON / GPON, SFP + optical transceiver module development );
2. Rich experience in high frequency digital and analog circuit design;
3. Have strong ability of project planning, organization and coordination;
4. Have a certain product planning ability;
TEL:0510-85204617 E_mail:hr@taclink.com

Optical module software engineer

  • Block93-C,Science&Tech Industry Park,Xinwu Distric
  • 4
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • More than 2 years
1. Responsible for software design and programming of optical module firmware;
2. Responsible for the upper computer debugging software and automatic test system software design;
3. Software optimization, upgrade and maintenance;
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automation or computer application;
2. Rroficient in embedded C language, familiar with C51, RS232, SPI, I2C and other communication protocols, familiar with keil, IAR series compilation software;
3. Familiar with SFF - 8472, SFF - 8077i and other optical module function protocol;
4. Can use VB or VC or LabVIEW programming language for the upper computer debugging software and automatic test system software design;
5. Have a certain SQL database writing and application ability;
6. 2 years experience in embedded software development;
TEL:0510-85204617 E_mail:hr@taclink.com
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